Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are your hours of operation?
We are open all year long!
For self-serve firewood pickup - Monday - Sunday 9:00AM - 6:00PM (EST)

For Cowboy Cauldrons, Burch Barrel and related campfire accessories, please visit our online store, or, if you would like to see and interact with a full line-up of products, feel free to email us or call/text us here to contact our outdoor living product specialists.  
Where is Campfire Ninja located?
We are located in South-Western, Ontario 10 minutes North of London.

Our address is:

Campfire Ninja
21951 Vanneck Road
Ilderton, ON

For Google map directions click here📍.

What brands/products does Campfire Ninja sell?
We are a boutique retailer that carries high quality outdoor lifestyle brands. We started by selling quality firewood in 2020 and... well, things have just kept growing and growing.

We are a authorized Canadian retailer of the following  brands:
- Cowboy Cauldron
- Burch Barrel
- Qwick Wick Firestarters
- Buzz Patch Natural Mosquito Repellent
- Radiate Portable Campfires

... and more coming soon.

You can see and purchase many products in our online store.
Can I see a Cowboy Cauldron before I purchase one at Campfire Ninja ?
Yes you can at Campfire Ninja! This is one of the reasons we started carrying the Cowboy Cauldron brand. We wanted to purchase one of these beautiful cauldrons, but no one in Ontario (and as far as we know Canada) carried the full product lineup for us to compare the sizes. So we reached out to Cowboy Cauldron and opened our outdoor showroom for you to be inspired and compare each cauldron. We do our best to keep all cauldrons in stock so when you fall in love with this product you can buy it and take it home with you. If you are unable to visit us in person, feel free to contact us and we'll walk you through the differences.  Once you decide on The Dude, The Urban Cowboy, the Wrangler or the Ranch Boss and any accessories make your purchase at our online store and we'll quickly ship it to you within Canada.
Why should I buy Cowboy Cauldron products from Campfire Ninja? 
Campfire Ninja is an authorized dealer of Cowboy Cauldron products in Canada. This premium brand of fire pits and cooking accessories is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Campfire Ninja imports all Cowboy Cauldron products directly from Cowboy Cauldron into Canada. This means we look after the shipping, import duties, tariffs, taxes and brokerage fees. All Campfire Ninja prices are in Canadian dollars and incorporate the exchange rate and all import fees, so there are no surprises in your total price. Your final price will be calculated in Canadian dollars based on Campfire Ninja's Product Price + Shipping + Applicable taxes.

When we import our orders from Cowboy Cauldron, it can be a long and bumpy ride from Utah. Just think of the multiple transport trucks, shipping depots, fork lifts, and Canada/US customs a cauldron goes through during shipping. Sometimes things do happen, so we open and inspect each Cauldron prior to sealing it up and shipping directly to you.  

We do our best to keep all cauldrons in stock, so your order can be processed quickly and shipped directly to you from Campfire Ninja (in Canada) directly to our valued Canadian customers.
What makes the Cowboy Cauldron unique?
Cowboy Cauldrons have a timeless design, offers superior function and provide endless entertainment for friends and family. Whether it's just sitting around a campfire and cooking s'mores to grilling a couple of tomahawk steaks on the open fire - you will enjoy the versatility, warmth and luxury any Cowboy Cauldron.

1) Built to Last - You can try, but you can’t ruin a Cauldron in a single lifetime. It’s impossible. A Cauldron is made from solid, seamless, high-tensile plate steel. All parts are treated with high-performance high-temperature powder coating, and each component has been tested to perform its duty perfectly. You can buy other grills, but you simply can’t buy a better one. You can sit around other fire pits, but after spending time around a Cauldron, they will honestly seem rather barbaric.

2) Single-Point Adjustable Suspended Basin Heat radiates out and down. Put your feet right under the basin on a cold day! Minimizes smoke irritation by elevating the fire. Adjustable height to accommodate any patio furniture or location. The Cowboy Cauldron sways, just perceptibly, when burning. Pendulum + Fire = Happiness!

3) Seamless Plate steel basin, durable finish is impervious to thermal shock or abuse of almost any kind! No seams to crack, weaken, or look at. Solid steel bail bars will not sag or bend. Frames are zinc-treated, then powder coated for maximum weather resistance. Basins are treated with special high-temperature powder coat. Will last a lifetime, and more.

4) Generous Cooking Area and Fuel Capacity - All four sizes boast tremendous stability in wind, weather, and rambunctious festivities. Thick steel heats up slowly and dissipates heat evenly for safe, slow thermal curve. Urban Cowboy, Wrangler, and Ranch Boss units feature 3-piece, hinged, truss-reinforced grills with a 2-piece removable charcoal grate. Add fuel, adjust coals, or adjust interior grates without removing grill.The Dude unit has solid, chromed steel grill and solid bar grate. Optional hinged grill upgrade available soon!

5) Details in Design - No tools required. Large units have solid, composite covers. They secure to basin with stainless steel clip pins. Smaller units have soft vinyl covers that secure with Fastex buckles. Elliptical foot pads are welded to each Cauldron leg to protect your deck surface. Laser-cut tripod cap with an integrated chain hanger. Set up and take down in seconds, providing a lifetime of enjoyment. Enough said!

.. and if you're not convinced yet, check out the Cowboy Cauldron website.
What are the models, sizes and dimensions of Cowboy Cauldrons
The Dude® is 24 inch diameter, 450 square inch Grill capacity, 15 gallons and 35 lb basin weight
The Urban Cowboy is 30 inch in diameter, 700 square inch Grill capacity, 30 gallons and 75 lb basin weight
The Wrangler is 36 inch in diameter, 1000 square inch grill capacity, 53 gallons and 130 lb basin weight
The Ranch Boss is 42 inch diameter, 1300 square inch grill capacity, 85 gallons and 220 lb basin weight
What is the thickness of the steel on each Cauldron basin?
Cowboy Cauldrons are not manufactured using cast iron like many older, more traditional, cauldrons - you know like the one your grandparents had, now probably used as a flower pot on someone's lawn.

Cowboy Cauldrons are made from plate steel that will not crack.

The Ranch Boss: 1/4” plate steel
The Wrangler: 7/32” plate steel
The Urban Cowboy: 3/16 plate steel
The Dude
® 3/16” plate steel
SHIPPING | Do you ship Cowboy Cauldrons and accessories?
Yes we do. We ship to most Canadian provinces. We do not ship to the US or International markets.
All Cowboy Cauldron products purchased from Campfire Ninja are shipped from Canada to Canadian customers. Shipping methods vary from product to product. Some Cauldrons are very large and heavy and shipped on a pallet (or skid). A truck with a lift gate is required when delivering to residential addresses.

If you are concerned about shipping or live in a remote region of Canada, reach out to us first and we will do our best to figure out how to get you your Cauldron.
SHIPPING | How do I take delivery of a Cowboy Cauldron?
When Campfire Ninja receives a cauldron order we will call you to confirm the order and to discuss shipping details, or arrange pick-up. When your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email from us that will include, a tracking number. 

The DUDE®ships directly to your door via regular carrier, all other Cauldrons ship on a pallet, and are delivered via a freight service. This means that a full-sized truck (typically a semi) will need to be able to get to your driveway. The truck will have a lift gate, and once they arrive, they will simply lower the pallet from the truck to the ground. You can ask the driver to roll a pallet jack a short distance on a flat paved or concrete surface and most truck drivers will try to do so for you.

If you know that a semi truck can not get to your address, a phone call will allow you to make arrangements directly with the driver or the  dispatcher to meet the truck at a convenient location (e.g. at the end of the paved road or driveway). The driver will lower the Cauldron with the lift gate directly onto the ground for you to move to the cauldron's final new home.

As you might guess, Cauldrons get delivered to lots of out-of-the-way places, and in some instances you may need to make special arrangements to meet the delivery truck, etc. We do everything we can to make the delivery as easy as possible. 

For The DUDE - ALL items are in a single box, including the segmented legs.

For the Urban Cowboy, the Wrangler and the Ranch Boss a large box on a pallet will include  the basin, hook and chain, tripod cap, rain cover and charcoal grill. However, the legs will be shipped with the basin in a separate box.
*** Please make sure you get both the basin and the box of legs before the driver leaves. ***
SHIPPING | What type of shipping is used to ship a Cauldron in Canada.
As you can imagine a Cowboy Cauldron is made with a lot of heavy steel - that's what makes them such high quality. This is not your typical Amazon delivery, so some coordination is required by both us and you. Cauldrons ship via something called “LTL (Less-than-Truck-Load) Scheduled Freight Delivery.” This is just a fancy term that means we will have our shipping broker find the best service from our warehouse to your delivery address, and will book a truck with the right equipment to get it to you. Freight trucks are big - typically a semi, and not a box truck, so we ship via scheduled service whereby the carrier calls you to confirm a delivery date and time, and also to allow you to discuss with them if there are any issues getting you your address.
CARE & USE | Does air flow freely through the Cauldron basin?
Yes. Cowboy Cauldrons are designed to burn wood perfectly, just the way they are. The reasons get very technical, and we’ll skip the physics lesson. Just know that the fire goes right in the bottom of the basin, and heat is concentrated in such a way that combustion is very complete. We provide a charcoal grate for times when you might want to use it charcoal cooking, but for fires or cooking with fire, just load, light, and laugh.
CARE & USE | Is assembly required? What tools do I need?
Yes, but assembly is easy and no tools are required. However, it will take two people to safely assemble the Wrangler and Ranch Boss. Reference this assembly video on Cowboy Cauldron's YouTube channel to help get you started
CARE & USE | Is there a hole in the bottom of the basin to drain water?
No. If rain makes its way into the basin (which will happen from time to time) we recommend you tilt the basin to clean out any water. We find that tilting the Cauldron along the bail with the hook is the best method to remove any liquid from the basin
CARE & USE | How do you clean a Cauldron?
Cleaning a cauldron is very similar to cleaning a grill. You'll want to tilt the Cauldron basin on the hook along the bail and, using a wire brush to remove ashes and smaller coals.To keep your Cauldron in its best shape, we recommend treating with Bear Fat available in the Campfire Ninja store.

Note: We'd recommend only cleaning out your Cauldron once all embers have been completely extinguished. Handling hot embers rarely ends well.
CARE & USE | How do you get water out of your Cauldron after a rainstorm?
The soft cover for The Urban Cowboy and The Dude® has been designed to be used with the cooking grill. Put the grill on first, then snap the cover over it. If you use the cover without the cooking grill, water will pool in the cover and drain into the basin. The hard cover on The Wrangler and The Ranch Boss blocks water falling directly onto the cauldron, but can take on water from sprinklers spraying sideways. On all Cauldron models, the cover works best if the basin is at a slight angle. Slide the handle over on the hook a little so water runs off the side.
CARE & USE | Can I use the rain cover to put out a fire?
Every Cowboy Cauldron is shipped with a rain cover. The Ranch Boss and The Wrangler have a hard composite cover that secures to the basin with two stainless steel spring slips. The Urban Cowboy and The Dude include a coated canvas soft cover that secures to the basin with plastic buckles. The Rain covers are not heat resistant. Do not cover the Cauldron until the metal is cool to the touch (usually the following day after a fire). Store the cover away from the Cauldron while it is burning.
CARE & USE | Owner's Manual
You can download the Cowboy Cauldron Owner's Manual here.
Where are Cowboy Cauldrons made?
The largest models of Cowboy Cauldrons, The Wrangler and The Ranch Boss, are made in Salt Lake City, Utah. The smaller models, The Dude and The Urban Cowboy, are made by our production partner in China. The materials, construction, and finish are the same on all domestic and imported Cowboy Cauldrons.
What kind of firewood do you sell?
Discover our premium Selection of Seasoned Hardwood

At our store, we take pride in offering an exceptional variety of seasoned hardwood, meticulously sourced from multiple processors throughout Southern Ontario. Our diverse range ensures that you'll find the perfect wood for any use-be it smoking, cooking, kindling a cozy fireplace or lighting up a lively campfire.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Understanding the unique needs of our customers, we provide the option of a single species bags/carts of wood, ideal for cooking, smoking or for those who wish to savour the distinct qualities of a specific hardwood type.  Since our single species selection is updated weekly, we encourage you to reach out to us for the latest availability, especially if you have a particular species in mind.

To find out more about local hardwood species and their related heat/energy output (BTUs) and other characteristics check out our blog post - What you need to know when buying firewood.
Do you ship or deliver firewood?
No, we do not ship or deliver firewood. All firewood can be purchased and picked up at our convenient self-serve store. Cash and e-transfer payments are accepted. You can e-transfer funds to
Do you sell cords of firewood?
No, we do not sell cords of firewood. However, many customers purchase our Super Bag. This bag is approximately 36 cubic feet in size loose piled. A face cord of wood 12" wood is 32 square feet (4'x8'x1'), but stacked tightly.
How much is your firewood?
$10 Bags - Perfect for that backyard campfire with the family. A couple of bags will give most customers a few hours of burning (depending on how large your fire is). Great for the campsite, cottage or backyard.

$60 Carts - Single species (Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Apple) perfect for a backyard campfire or cooking.  Many customers use this in their offset smokers, pizza ovens and fireplaces. 

$150 Super Bag - Approx. 36 cubic feet. A mixed bag of hardwood. Larger pieces that burn longer. Perfect to take to the cottage for the season. Requires a ½ ton truck to pick up, or some customers make a few trips in their SUVs or crossover vehicles.
How many pieces of wood are in a bag?
We don't measure or count how many pieces of wood are in a bag. We fill a bag until it is unable to hold any more wood. With our $10 bags we often place a few smaller pieces of wood at the top of the bag just to make sure it is full. These smaller pieces of wood make great kindling to start your fire.
Do you accept humm? 
Yes, we accept humm for purchases up to $30,000. Let us know if you want to pay with humm, and we will guide you through the next steps. Make sure you download the humm app on your phone to manage your payment methods, view your repayment schedule and check for available credit. 
What is humm? 
Humm is a customer financing solution for in-store and online purchases. You can make purchases from $1 - $30,000 and can pay in installments in as little as 6 bi-weekly payments or monthly up to 60 months.
How do I pay using humm?
You’ll be redirected to humm to login or sign-up and apply. Follow the prompts on the humm website to complete your purchase. Download the humm app to manage payment methods, view your repayment schedule and check your available credit limit In-store.
How does the payment schedule work if I use humm?
What if I need to return all or part of my purchase that I made with humm?
Is there a cost to use humm?
For purchases under $1,500 there is no cost for you to use humm! No fees, no interest.

For purchases over $1,501, interest and a monthly fee may apply and varies by retailer. You will be able to see all fees and interest rates available before you make your Campfire Ninja purchase using humm.

More questions? Learn more at
What makes Qwick Wick the World's Best firestarter?
Qwick Wick produces the only fire starter that will burn for over 30 minutes with an 8-10 inch flame due to our unique blend of all natural wax and wood shavings, delivering an industry-high temperature point. A Qwick Wick fire starter lights even when wet and can withstand winds gusting as high as 80km/hr.
What is the best way to position a Qwick Wick and light it?
Place a single Qwick Wick Fire Starter approximately 2 inches (5.08cm) under dry wood without kindling or newspaper. Once in place, light the wick, wood, shavings or cup.
Are they safe for the environment?
Yes, they are. Qwick Wick's unique blend of all-natural wax and wood shavings deliver a non-toxic environmentally friendly burn process.
Will a Qwick Wick light even if wet or if it’s raining?
Absolutely! Qwick Wicks can get wet and still be ready for instant use. Believe it or not, they can even float.
How safe are they to start my woodfire?
Qwick Wick Fire Starters are designed to help you start your wood fires quickly, easily, without compromising on safety. Since no kindling or newspaper is needed, frequently reaching to adjust these items for a successful fire is eliminated. Like with most burning materials, it is best to exercise all safety precautions and ensure adults light woodfires and are present while lit.
How do I purchase Qwick Wick fire starters from Campfire Ninja
You can purchase Qwick Wick fire starters from Campfire Ninja in the following ways:

1. Want to try one, we have them for sale in singles in the woodshed. $2 for one, $5 for 3.
2. Go to the Campfire Ninja Online Store to purchase a bucket of 65 fire starters or a 4-pack and we'll ship them to you.
3. If you are local and want to pick up a bucket of 65 or 4-pack, let us know and we'll have it ready for you.

Learn more about Qwick Wick fire starters at:
Where can I use a Radiate Campfire?
Place your Radiate on a Fire Safe, heat-proof surface outdoors.    Do not place on glass or wood!

To learn more go to
How do I ignite my Radiate portable campfire?
Open and use a long stem match or torch to ignite a few briquettes.
How do I extinguish my Radiate portable campfire?
Slide the steel lid over the top to snuff the fire. Do not use water to extinguish!
Can I cook on my Radiate portable campfire? 
You can roast marshmallows or hot dogs along the side of the flames of a Classic 8” or 4” Radiate.

Do not cook using the Radiate Campfire Eucalyptus Scent. This version of the Radiate portable campfire is used to help chase away those pesky mosquitoes.
How many pieces of wood are in a bag?
We don't measure or count how many pieces of wood are in a bag. We fill a bag until it is unable to hold any more wood. With our $10 bags we often place a few smaller pieces of wood at the top of the bag of just to make sure it is full. These smaller pieces of wood also make great kindling to start your fire.
How and where, do I place stickers to protect my whole child’s body?
Kids aged 0-2 need 1 patch: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest)

Kids aged 3-5 need 2 patches: One patch on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts.

Kids aged 6+ and parents need 2-4 patches: One patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of the shorts)
How long will sealed stickers last?
The bag has a ziplock. Put the unused patches into the bag and seal it. BuzzPatch when sealed will last up to 24 months. If you have a pack that is past its used by date, send a photo of the unopened pack to and we'll send you a new one.
Where are buzz patch stickers made?
Patches are formulated and designed in Australia.
How does a buzz patch mosquito deterrent sticker work?
Mosquitoes find us by sensing the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit when we exhale. Certain compounds, including specific essential oils, overpower the CO2 we emit, essentially hiding us from mosquitoes.

To lean more about Buzz Patch mosquito stickers visit: