Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do you deliver or ship firewood? 

No we do not ship or deliver firewood. All firewood can be purchased and picked up at almost anytime at our convenient self-serve store.

What are Campfire Ninja’s Hours of Operation?

We are open all year long.

For self serve firewood pickup - Monday - Sunday 9:00AM - 9:00PM

For cauldrons and campfire accessories, please book an appointment by emailing

How do I purchase a small bag, a cart of wood or a super big bag?

$10 Bags- Back up vehicle to woodshed, select bags, load bags into your car, pay by cash or e-transfer (

$50 Cart- Back up vehicle to woodshed, select cart, wheel cart up to car, unload wood from bag, return cart, pay by cash or e-transfer (

$150 Super Bag -  Back up vehicle to Super Bag of wood, transfer wood from bag to vehicle, pay by cash or e-transfer (

What other products do you sell?

We focus on everything you need to have a great campfire. We sell...

    - Kindling
- Fire starters
- Magic Fire
- Mosquito Repellent Stickers
    - Cowboy Cauldrons & Accessories

What kind of kindling do you have?

Our kindling is made of white cedar. You only need a little to start a fire. Using kindling and a World's Best fire starter is a sure way to get your campfire going quickly.

Do you ship or deliver Cowboy Cauldron's?

Yes, we ship Cowboy Cauldrons and all accessories across Canada. We do not ship cauldron's to the United States.

What kind of firewood do you sell?

We only sell well seasoned hardwood. We source it from various locations in Southern Ontario. Varieties of hardwood change throughout the season

What size of bags do you sell and do you sell cords of wood? 

$10 Bags - Perfect for that backyard campfire with the family. A couple of bags will give most customers a few hours of burning (depending on how large your fire is). 

$50 Carts - Single species (Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Apple) perfect for a backyard campfire or cooking.  Many customers use this in their offset smokers, pizza ovens and fireplaces. 

$150 Super Bag - Approx. 36 cubic feet. A mixed bag of hardwood. Larger pieces that burn longer. Perfect to take to the cottage for the season. Requires a ½ ton truck to pick up, or some customers make a few trips in their SUV.

Which one should I buy, a $10 Bag, $50 Cart or $150 Super Bag?

If having a campfire is new to you, then a couple of $10 Bags is a great place to start. If you have campfires almost every weekend, then consider the larger $150 Big Bag.

$10 Bags
are great for campfires at the campsite, cottage or backyard.

$50 Carts are typically single species and are great for campfires, smoking, fireplaces or cooking.

$150 Big Bag - if you've got a place to store wood at home, these bags are great for wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires