Cowboys and Ninjas.

Hello, my name is Andrea, and yes, I am the Campfire Ninja.  

Campfire Ninja is a boutique retailer focused on creating great campfire experiences for our customers.

We sell outdoor cooking gear, firewood, kindling, fire starters and more. We have built a loyal following of customers that enjoy cooking, smoking, pizza ovens and just having a simple backyard bonfire with family & friends.

To compliment our existing business, we literally searched the world for a well designed, high-quality product that we could introduce to our existing customers as well as new customers across Canada. In our search, we discovered Cowboy Cauldron, the world’s finest fire pit, grill and bbq. We are excited to work with Cowboy Cauldron in the Canadian market, because we believe in the quality product, brand and people that stand behind the brand. The simplicity and functionality of a Cowboy Cauldron is second to none, and honestly, a Cowboy Cauldron is a beautiful object your family will cherish for a very longtime.

If the Cowboy Cauldron brand is new to you, we know the best way to experience these products is to see them, feel them and ultimately use them. That’s why we’ve set up Canada’s largest interactive showroom where you can experience them in person – with a fire.

From the backyard, beach or cottage, to resorts, spas, golf courses and wineries – the simplicity, versatility and timeless design of a Cowboy Cauldron will work in any setting. The quality will ensure its beauty and functionality will last for generations. We cary all cauldrons in stock as well as a number of Cowboy Cauldron accessories ready to pick up or deliver anywhere across Canada. If you are interested in the product lineup check out my store at the link below. I’m here to help guide you so please feel free to contact me directly or checkout our online store.

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Andrea Stuart
Owner | Campfire Ninja
Outdoor Living Specialist | Cowboy Cauldron