About Campfire Ninja

Campfire Ninja is a boutique outdoor lifestyle business, dedicated to curating top-tier brands that elevate your outdoor cooking and campfire experiences. From BBQs and grills to fire pits and more, our carefully select products cater to outdoor enthusiasts all across Canada. Among the leading brands we proudly carry are Cowboy Cauldron, Burch Barrel, Radiate, Quick Wick, and Buzz Patch. We tirelessly search the globe for well-designed, high-quality items to bring unique and memorable outdoor moments to our customers.

Take, for instance, Cowboy Cauldron, the world’s finest fire pit and grill. Whether you’re seeking solitude by the fire or hosting a bustling BBQ, Cowboy Cauldron has the perfect fit for your outdoor lifestyle. With four distinct cauldron sizes, you'll find the ideal complement to any setting, from backyards and beaches to resorts, spas, golf courses, and wineries. Checkout our photo gallery and be inspired with how a Cowboy Cauldron will look in your backyard and cooking ideas with a Cowboy Cauldron and their accessories.

But our passion doesn’t stop there. We also feature Burch Barrel, the ingenious 3-in-1 BBQ/Grill, Smoker, and fire pit. Designed to burn both hardwoods and charcoal, it offers a versatile open fire cooking and smoking experience. When used as a fire pit, Burch Barrel’s clean burn rivals common stainless steel smokeless fire pits, setting a new standard in outdoor enjoyment. If you're into portability, make sure to check out Burch Barrel's Son-Of-A-Burch (SOB) and the Flat Packer. A Burch Barrel fire pit caddy and coconut charcoal are coming soon!

Explore our full product portfolio at our online store, and discover the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Together, we can ignite the joy of the great outdoors.

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Photo of Andrea Stuart, Owner of Campfire Ninja.
Andrea Stuart
Owner | Campfire Ninja
Outdoor Living Specialist | Cowboy Cauldron