Fire Perfected

Timeless Design, Superior Function, Longest Lasting Fire Pit, by Cowboy Cauldron.

The Cowboy Cauldron logo.
The Burch Barrel logo.

Small and Portable

The ultimate stainless steel fire pit & grill that folds up smaller than a pizza box, by Burch Barrel.

The Burch Barrel Flat Packer logo.

Flames in Seconds

Simple and elegant functionality that also helps deter mosquitoes.

Firewood made convenient

Seasoned hardwood available for self-serve pickup. Open 7-day's a week, all year long.

Who we are. What we do.

Welcome to Campfire Ninja, where our passion for outdoor living meets Canada's finest selection of premium products. We focus on open-fire and wood burning fire pits, cauldrons, grills, smokers and accessories. We've grown rapidly to specialize in top-tier brands like Cowboy Cauldron and Burch Barrel. Our journey to a nationwide provider of quality outdoor lifestyle products is fuelled by our commitment to quality and customer service.  

We don't just sell products; we personally test and use them, ensuring that we offer only the best for your outdoor adventures.  We're dedicated to transforming your backyard into a tranquil haven or elevating your cooking journey to unmatched heights, ensuring you find the perfect product for your needs.

If you live in Southern Ontario, visit our interactive showroom to experience the pinnacle of outdoor luxury. From the rugged elegance of Cowboy Cauldron to the innovative design of Burch Barrel, we offer a curated range that transforms any backyard into a culinary and leisure haven. We carry inventory of all top selling products so if you visit us you can take the product home with you, or,  if you purchase online, we'll ship it as fast as we can, Canada-wide.

At Campfire Ninja, we're continually expanding our selection, handpicking new and exciting products every year. Explore our online store, and if you have any questions, our experienced team, who deeply understand and love our products, is here to assist.

If you are a quality and innovative outdoor brand looking to expand in the Canadian market, feel free to reach out to us - we'd love to explore the opportunity with you.

A photo of a woman demonstrating the size of a Cowboy Cauldron, Ranch Boss.
Andrea Stuart, Owner of Campfire Ninja
Showing off in The Ranch Boss, Cowboy Cauldron's largest Fire Pit and Grill.

Customer Photos

Photos, testimonials and our products in action.

Angela enjoying her new Cowboy Cauldron Wrangler by the river. What a incredible setting for the World's Finest Fire Pit and Grill.
Frank's new Cowboy Cauldron Urban Cowboy is a perfect addition to his backyard.
Jordan enjoys his first burn in a Cowboy Cauldron Wrangler.
The perfect campfire in The Wrangler (by Cowboy Cauldron).
Hot apple cider warmed in a Cowboy Cauldron Chuckwagon Pot with orange and cinnamon. So delicious!
A very traditional way of finishing maple syrup in a Chuckwagon Pot over The Wrangler [both by Cowboy Cauldron].
The Kealey family's impressive backyard is perfect for entertaining with this Urban Cowboy and Chuckwagon Pot, by Cowboy Cauldron.
Now Mark has the right idea with these tomahawk steaks on the grill of his Cowboy Cauldron Ranch Boss. Bravo for showing us how it done!
Harry boils sweet corn over an open fire at the cottage in The Dude [Cowboy Cauldron]. A lot of people don't realize you can put fire under any Cowboy Cauldron as a cooking vessel - just like they did in the old days! Best way to cook sweet corn in our humble opinion.
Lisa will enjoy her Cowboy Cauldron, The Dude, for years to come .
Ken cooks beans on The Wrangler with 3 x Chuckwagon Pots. The ultimate Cowboy Cauldron cooking gear setup for any party.
That's right - sweet corn, inside The Dude, inside The Ranch Boss! What a great way to have an entertaining party.
From initial research into the wonderful Cowboy Cauldron through to the purchase and then onto pick-up and follow-up... What a delight to work with Campfire Ninja who cares deeply about the entire experience!!
Chris Moores, Ontario
✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

We love our new Wrangler, the quality is great. Andrea and Ken have a great set up so you can see the different models... A smooth shopping experience from a couple that use the product themselves and clearly love what they sell.

Jennifer Walton, Ontario
✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Your care in shipping it to a different province was top notch, and your phone call to follow-up and share personal tips on how you have used it was above and beyond.

Andrea Kluk, Manitoba
✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Amazing service and top notch communications. Campfire Ninja provided a custom solution to a support request I had and went above and beyond to accommodate.
You don’t need to be local to deal with them.

M. T.
✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
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