Where have all the Corn Roasts gone?

Something old is new again. Customers are thrilled to start a new tradition of their own with a new Cowboy Cauldron.

Corn roasts were a regular community event in the Ottawa valley. It was custom for the party host to supply and cook the corn while the guests brought potluck dishes to share. A tripod would be set up and a big cast iron cauldron would hang from a chain over the fire. The fire would be lit under the cauldron, the water was brought to a boil, the corn was dropped in and scooped out with long handled nets. There was usually a can of melted butter hanging over the fire to dip the cobs in. The guests would help themselves to corn, side dishes and salads.

Boiling corn in a 100+ year old cast iron cauldron.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law had so many good memories hosting and attending corn roasts in the Ottawa valley. For their 50th Wedding Anniversary, they decided to host a corn roast. They would invite family, friends, and neighbours to their celebration. I had never hosted or attended a corn roast, so it was an exciting experience for me. As a city girl, it was hard to imagine cooking on a cauldron over the fire.

Luckily, my husband had a lot of experience hosting community corn roasts. He put himself through university by growing and selling corn and hosting community corn roasts on the weekends. We all got to work planning this big celebration. My father-in-law welded the old, cracked cast iron cauldrons together. The tent was rented, the food and decorations were ordered. On the day of the party, the whole community pitched in with peeling potatoes, frying turkeys, and boiling corn. It was so entertaining watching the turkeys going in and out of the deep fryer and watching the corn being cooked over the fire. The food turned out delicious, thanks to all the volunteers who made the day a success. Everyone had such a wonderful time.

I wondered why corn roasts weren’t being hosted in my area. I wanted other people to experience it. I began searching for old antique cast iron cauldrons, but they were broken or too expensive. Then, I happened to stumble upon the Cowboy Cauldrons. It was exactly what I wanted to bring to my customers. The Cowboy Cauldrons are a modern, steel rendition of the old-fashioned cast-iron cauldron. Now, my area will have the chance to experience corn roasts and campfire grilling on a whole new level. The Cowboy Cauldrons are made of plated steel and will not crack like the old-fashioned cast-iron cauldrons. The Cowboy Cauldrons can be used 2 ways for cooking. If the fire is under the cauldron, it can be used to boil water for corn, potatoes, crab, or lobster boils. If the fire is inside the basin, the grill can be placed on top for cooking or grilling anything! You can use them for campfires or for hosting campfire cooking dinner parties. If you are looking for ways to spend more time outdoors, enjoy cooking, entertaining, socializing and relaxing at home; you will love this product.

By: Andrea Stuart, Owner | Campfire Ninja

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